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FraudAway Platform

The hyperautomation automation platform encompasses a wide range of features designed specifically for the finance sector

Our Features

Functionality You Will Love

AI-Driven Decision Rules

Achieve the perfect synergy of policy rules and cutting-edge AI capabilities.

Low-code automation

Test and deploy new finance algorithms in record breaking time. 

Rules Management

Manages a multitude of policy rules and ML models, pre-packaged by our partners Capgemini and AWS.

Batch and Real-time

Batch or real-time, with one platform.

Deploy Anywhere

Any cloud, hybrid or private data center.

Cloud Native

Unrivalled strength, adaptability, resilience, velocity, and scalability.


Auditing, observability, and explainability, all aligned with regulatory demands, thereby ensuring transparency and adherence.

Native Code Execution

Unique ability to inject specially crafted policy rules directly into message buses, allowing transactions checks within 5ms. 

API Connectors

It extends the platform 's functionality by enabling it to access and utilize the features and data provided by external services.

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Bots powered by GenAI

Current GenAI initiatives primarily focus on tasks like knowledge modeling but often fall short in grasping problem complexities, leading to hallucinations or irrelevant outputs.


Our pioneering approach tackles these weaknesses head-on, by integrating real time data, causal graphs and outcome insights into the training process. We combine historical records/case tools with real-time data reducing the risk of human error, ensuring consistency that allows human workers to focus on more complex and strategic aspects of their jobs.

Our intelligent bots is poised to reshape the landscape of financial services, prompting a reevaluation of traditional case management tools and revolutionizing the entire fraud prevention process. 

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Solution Blueprint

An AI-based hyperautomation fraud detection solution is cloud neutral and combines machine learning with a business rules engine to minimize fraud losses while reducing false positives.

Our solution is capable of processing hundreds of millions transactions per day in batches or in real-time with a response time of less than 5ms per transaction quickly improving fraud detection and prevention capabilities while reducing operational costs and bettering customer confidence.

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